Godwillwin ago

Hmmmmm. Interesting

Tanngrisnir ago

I do have what is probably a dumb question. I understand that fetal tissue is used in developing vaccines and that harvested human tissue would be invaluable for bioweapons. But why the interest in bone marrow? It seems like any other type of tissue can be infected and spread just as easily. Why not use tissue that is worth less money if its whole purpose is to contain the virus? Are they using stem cells from the bone marrow to genetically engineer the bioweapons?

Narcissism ago

HIV was created under the SPECIAL VIRUS PROGRAM by Litton Industries according to Len Horowitz. His book "Emerging Viruses" is well worth a read.

Piscina ago

Wow, there is so much information in your post. You have opened a Pandora's Box.

The Life Ball logo definitely leans towards the Satanist side. Roisin Murphy, who performed at the Viennese ball, is also suspect. Disturbing is a photo of the 'performance' with a woman hanging from the ceiling tied up. That seems to be a favourite theme of theirs, as this is depicted in artwork and was featured in the Gotthard tunnel ritual. Murphy's music videos allude to the occult. Ten Miles High, Exploitation, Evil Eyes and Overpowered are the names of some of her songs. And it's horrible, crappy music.

This video of the Life Ball features bulls with horns, goats with horns, lots of trannies (which Satanists seem to love-think Alefantis Instagram account, Katy Perry's video), references to Alice Through the Looking Glass, a man's torso torn open to reveal his beating heart.

Tanngrisnir ago

Fantastic post, Swordfish69! This is some horrendous stuff. I had no idea about the incident with Moshe or the claims of bioweapons. It certainly makes a lot of sense though.

Godwillwin ago

I'm not sure Natalya was there for that reason. She had Anti trump stuff all over her Facebook page

Godwillwin ago

Whoa. Good work! Glad you are still with us, Sword. When will this make headlines? Or will it ever?

Northern_Soul ago

Yeh... Fat chance of that happening pal.

I tried testing the waters with this related news story - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2062930

Posting time: 4 hours ago on 8/15/2017 2:15:01 PM

Your submission /v/pizzagate/2062930 has been deleted by: @Millennial_Falcon on 8/15/2017 2:18:26 PM

I barely got 3 minutes air time!

Tavistock Millennial_Falcon is definitely shit scared of Christchurch! I guess where treading in his back yard lol

DarkMath ago

Nothing has changed in my opinion.

Tyranny-News-Network ago

This comment is in response to @Are_we_sure and his claim that the Moshe bioweapon aspect of this story is false. I researched this story extensively when it was unfolding.

All of those "neighbors" making statements to the media about Moshe being "off his meds" are the reason why I stopped looking into it. Most refused to give their name. So I looked up the 3 names that were given... all men in their late 30s. No persons with those names have ever existed according to multiple DBs. Maybe people can watch some of the footage of his apprehension requiring hundreds of LE personnel and a tank and decide for themselves.

Are_we_sure ago

What evidence do you have that the man in california is the israeli scientist and not the unemployed man whose mother got a restraining order against him.

doubletake ago

XLNT Post! damn, they used a bio-weapon. This has to breakthrough into the media world. Hopefully at least in Europe, Africa and Latin America where they can begin comparing notes.

SecondAmendment ago

Upvoat city.

Truthseeker3000 ago

Unbelievable. Yeah it's really looking like the art world is the root of the child trafficking. Rockefeller has the patent to the latest man made virus and it's been said AIDS was always another man made virus which they used to try to wipe out the gay population. I'm starting to really believe this now as the depravity is mind blowing. Peter Thiel using child blood to stay youthful as long as possible, as well as other "elites", tells me they believe they are going to hell for doing despicable acts so they are trying to prolong life as long as possible until their little AI projects are completed whereby they believe they can transfer their souls and live forever. So fucked up. Swordfish, this post is nicely referenced and I recall the flight that went down over Ukraine and I think you are correct on your theory. What happened to the Ukrainian people is so sad, the women and children are huge for human trafficking (since the late 90s) as most are beautiful blonde hair blue eyed peoples. There was a photographer who did a book of photos of the youth of Ukraine I recall seeing this a while back and the photos were alarming, very sexualized youth in poor surroundings. Along the lines of Sally Mann's pedo images she made of her own daughters and family. It's hard to fathom how many people out there enjoy making money off of other people's misery as referenced above on the swine flu and the pharmaceutical industry. I noticed that Denis Solvay of the Solvay pharmaceutical family giants had his castle, Mothers of Darkness, and name removed completely from social media and it was all over before if u try to look for it.

Narcissism ago

AIDS was developed for population control of blacks who are 13 times more likely to catch it. The reason it was stuck in the Hepatitis B vaccine one year latter in 1978 was because the Gay movement was becoming to millitant. So they assassinated Harvey Milk and released HIV at the same time - totally destroying what had been the Gay movement.

HillBoulder ago

This fits right in with Jane Burgermeister. Anyone remember her? She was exiled from Austria when she went public with her information about Merck, the WHO and the swine flu. I'm not sure if she's still alive or what.

pbvrocks ago

Swordfish..welcome back and with a vengeance...well done sir! Hopefully what the @FBI (blackmail swill that hey are..) went to retrieve from manafort's home was related. We are getting close and ty for all you are doing. A couple of questions...Linkin Park=Lincoln Park a center in Canada where former THORN CMO worked, allegedly home for MKUltra in Canada? Art..what is the OKC connection?

Jem777 ago

I posted a direct link to the MK Ultra program at Lincoln Park in Canada Linkin Park=Lincoln Park

swordfish69 ago

MK Ultra was in Montreal I believe. Not discounting your theory but look there, it's very well documented.

Dressage2 ago

I agree about the pre-dawn raid on Manafort's home. I knew there had to be something bigger going on. Now it is making more sense.

murraryrothbard ago

Hmmm that could account for the timing of the coup.

quantokitty ago

Always happy to given an Upvoat to Swordfish69.

Excellent stuff, man. Stellar.

srayzie ago

Reading this reminded me of something I listened to last night.

Lee Stranahan writes for Breitbart. He just made a huge connection between the DNC, CIA and Ukraine.


srayzie ago

You are an amazing researcher!

AngB23 ago

Wow..this freaks me out. Saw on FB a couple weeks back (someone who knows someone) a prayer chain. Some guy from AZ got bit by something that he said looked like a crossbreed of a spider and scorpion but they kept calling it a bug or insect.

The guys arm was filled with welts and bruises. It looks AWFUL and the docs were mystified. If I can find the post, I will link the pics

turkishmafia ago

How is this relevant to Pizzagate?

Docta_pizza ago

Well didn't you see the letter "e" on the logo of the fundraiser? That alone seems like a red flag.

srayzie ago

This makes me question everything. This is horrible. Now this....

Yesterday's News

Fleas carrying the bubonic plague have been found in Arizona


independenceday ago

I wonder if there is a connection in George Michaels' death, 'suicide', what ever it was.

Northern_Soul ago

Lets see if we can make this top Coment...

PRESS RELEASE; Christchurch, New Zealand. Hell Pizza Slammed For Using Comdom To Promote "Lust Pizza." - http://archive.is/IpyXc


PRESS RELEASE; Christchurch, New Zealand. Hell pizza chain is removing its billboards of Hitler saluting with a pizza slice after complaints from the Jewish community. - http://archive.is/tCh3F

PRESS RELEASE; On November 8, 2016. Secretary of State John Kerry was missing but secretly in Antartica. Kerry flew directly to Christchurch, New Zealand. On that very night a massive 7.0 + earthquake strike New Zealand with the epicenter being in Christchurch, New Zealand. - https://archive.is/O0epy

"Christchurch" The Global Gates To Hell...




Evidence Of Mods Censoring Important Leads & Archive deleting Voat Threads. 200+ points...


whitehand ago

Quit thread jacking.

kiwianna111 ago

Hillary Clinton knew about the Christchurch earthquake in advance as shown in one of her emails. http://mediawhores.co.nz/2016/10/04/hillary-clinton-emails-show-advanced-warning-of-christchurch-earthquake/ It was a Military HAARP attack (geoengineered) as was some other major earthquakes.

YogSoggoth ago

Geeze, I was investigating 1000 degrees franchise because it seems like some kind of obvious, fast growing, front. The franchise owners are mostly Indian/other. That is some interesting stuff, and good work.

carmencita ago

This is in response to complaints about their condom advertising being dropped in letter boxes: Apparently some parents believe that they alone have the right to educate their child about sexual matters and that no-one should force the timing on them. The statistics suggest that many are not doing this soon enough. There are also many other groups involved in educating young people about all sorts of issues. Thankfully parents don’t have a mortgage on the minds of children. WTH? Do they think they own our children's brains and emotions and their puberty and when they think it is time? I guess so.

Northern_Soul ago

Welcome to the "NWO."

"TBTB" have criminally induced, half of the entire worlds population into "Ritualistic Sodomy."

Including this very popular family.

David Beckham showing his alliance to baphomet!


https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2061514/10172031 - Sodomy connection.

This problem is so big, and so far widespread, were at a most critical point mankind has ever witnessed before. But we can't drive out this evil with evil, calling for people to be lynched mob won't work, only light can do that.

A strong, sensible heart is what needed to triumph this madness.

Preying is a good start.

10192366? ago

"Preying is a good start". I'm all in.

remedy4reality ago

Why would this shit be the top comment? It's completely UNRELATED TO THE OP..

This account and its remora accounts are very likely DISINFO

Northern_Soul ago

Opinions are like assholes, every ones got one.

Perhaps you can shred light on this then if I'm DISINFOOOO.

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2062930 (Very PG related and ticks every submission rule)

Posting time: 4 hours ago on 8/15/2017 2:15:01 PM Your submission /v/pizzagate/2062930 has been deleted by: @Millennial_Falcon on 8/15/2017 2:18:26 PM

I couldn't even manage 15 minutes of fame.

I guess I hit a nerve...

Truth must hurt when your poking around TAVISTOCKS back yard.


remedy4reality ago

holy shit...

is this your alt account @DarkMath ?

DarkMath ago

Northern_Soul? No. I'm not sure who he is.

Northern_Soul ago

A regular Joe shredding light on Government Darkness!

remedy4reality ago

He mimics your writing style and piggy backs your posts...

' not sure who he is ' ?? Areyousure you want to say that ?

DarkMath ago

Ha ha. Ask AreWeSure. lol

remedy4reality ago


You are not familiar with Northern Soul?

that is impossible to believe

DarkMath ago

I've seen him before. I've talked to him a few times but no I'm not too familiar with him.

Let me save you some frustration. I'm not Northern_Soul. I only have one account: DarkMath.

DarkMath tired. DarkMath take nap now.

remedy4reality ago

well Mongo... your ass looks to be hanging in the wind a bit here..

maybe you should rest up

DarkMath ago

"well Mongo..."

Lol, priceless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkzaOwAmDmA


Declan_Torin ago

Your just pist you got out done by a school dropout. Never bust a wise mans balls "pretty boy...."



DarkMath ago


Remedy4Reality was making a joke. He wasn't insulting me.


Declan_Torin ago

"well Mongo..."

read between the lines



Northern_Soul ago

Two enigmas battling it out, nothing more, nothing less.

@DarkMath -

& Fuck resting...

Hang your boots up

Jem777 ago

Yes this deserves its own thread @Northern_Soul. Can you create one with all of our information we added.:)

Northern_Soul ago

Sorry Jem, I don't think its possible.

I tried posting this related news story - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2062930

Posting time: 4 hours ago on 8/15/2017 2:15:01 PM Your submission /v/pizzagate/2062930 has been deleted by: @Millennial_Falcon on 8/15/2017 2:18:26 PM

I barely got three minutes air time. Tavistock Falcon doesn't like us treading in his own back yard. Its to close to home.

At least someone had the wits about them - @Silverlining

Jem777 ago

He can't stop it. Swordfish is taking it all down. Tavistock is getting exposed from the inside....good work

dawnofthesheep ago

Long time larper here. Made an account just for this!

Do people actually realize the significance behind the symptoms of ritualistic sodomy spoken of here? https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2061514/10172031

Its batshit crazy, I know, but speaking from experience with an extensive medical background, Its truer than Killiary's hit-list.

I know a New Zealand band, "Meet the Feebles" personally. That's all I´m saying!! (shivers)



kidavenger ago

Dark circles and puffy eyes can also be a sign of allergies, particularly milk allergies. I had them when I was a kid, and once I stopped drinking cows' milk, they went away. They're called "allergic shiners".

Godwillwin ago

Yes. My daughter has allergy shiners, but the pics of circle eyed children associated with these "elites" is too many to be denied.

carmencita ago

Those puffy dark circle eyes broke my heart. They are why we are here every day.

InnocentAngels ago

This may have already been mentioned, but those dark circles under the eyes can be from anemia. Are they doing transfusions from these children?

Forgetmenot ago

I think that is a very real possibility.

carmencita ago

That is just as horrible. It is the unthinkable that they are doing. We would only know by having the children examined, but yes, that could be possible. Whatever, they just look like all has been stripped from them. Horrid.

InnocentAngels ago

Yes, it is horrible and evil. I just don't understand why so many people don't believe or care.

Forgetmenot ago

People care everywhere. This movement has grown.

turkishmafia ago

This deserves its own thread. I get the feeling "Christchurch" is the key to bringing the whole corrupt system crumbling to its knees.

Do you mind if I share this information on my Youtube channel?

Northern_Soul ago

Thanks dude, of course not, fire away.

Whats your channel?

Jem777 ago

Exactly....and he knew from Day 1..... he knew from his Uncle John Trump and Nikola Tesla

GeorgeHodelDidit ago

I am so tired of hearing about Jews.....I can not believe it but I really wish the world did not have to bear their putrid presence....and hopefully in my life I will witness a true shoah.

madhatter67 ago

The whole Ukraine coup stank from start to finish, and pretty much red pilled me on just how fake even some news outlets I'd previously had some regard for were.

The entire MSM went into rabid Putin hate, completely ignored the atrocities being clearly commited by "our" side (at that point YouTube hadn't really tightened it's grip so a lot of citizen video went up showing what was going on....the Odessa Massacre was super fucked up) and anyone questioning that narrative was getting dismissed as Putinbots by what certainly appeared to be a brigade of paid shills. One thing I'd noticed was for a couple of years earlier Putin had been getting grief for his treatment of LBGT folk, which kind of set up the SJW's for mass REEEEEEEEEing

Although there were some obvious motives (Gas, bear poking, and tightening the military cordon around Russia) ever since pizzagate broke, I've suspected that was a part of the deal too (Biden seemed to take a big interest in Ukraine, which is red flag!)

Jem777 ago

Joe Biden and his son sit on boards in Ukraine taking in tons of money as does Clinton Foundation and other Foreign Relations Senate Committee

madhatter67 ago

Indeed....seeing Hunter Biden swan into his Gazprom directorship with unseemly haste wasn't exactly subtle

Jem777 ago

Let's just name who was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Ukraine started and what boards they sit on now. Everyone got rich while Neo-Natals for forced premature births and organ harvesting became a booming business.

There are dead bodies emptied of their organs in pikes in Ukraine...these include tiny babies.

You want to disprove it. They have the videotape and photographic records and electronic & banking records seized and stored already.

Godwillwin ago

Who, Jem? Does someone good with a soul have this proof? When will this all be exposed?

Jem777 ago

Hey guys MF worked with me.

Yes good souls have this info I believe. We need to support the President of 🇺🇸 .

Godwillwin ago

Who has it?

Will anything ever be done? Are is this just one more TRUTH we discover that media won't touch? How can we do anything when we can't get the truth out there?

madhatter67 ago

None of that would suprise me one bit, but I'm still sceptical any of them will be brought to justice

We can hope

Jem777 ago

OMG this! My heart is broken

AngelTantrum ago

Several reports of plague infested fleas coming out of AZ! When we pulled out of the Paris Accord...Chelsea Clinton tweeted "Rising temperatures due to climate change are exposing bacteria and disease threats we thought were gone forever" I replied "So what your saying is that your family will be releasing the plague and will blame on Trump" http://www.foxnews.com/health/2017/08/15/fleas-test-positive-for-plague-bacteria-in-parts-arizona.html

sunajAeon ago

The little C*

srayzie ago

You actually said that? Perfect!

Are_we_sure ago

Yeah, I'm sure the existence of the plague has to do with with pulling out of the Paris Accord in 2017. Gee I wonder if there were some facts to check that theory against.



My guess would be they found the fleas today because they have been looking for them.

This article is from 2013. United States Ranks 11th in Plague Cases Worldwide

DarkMath ago


Please forgive Are_we_sure. He or she is possibly the most naive human being on planet Earth. It's a long story. We're working through it. It has something to do with a lack of a science curriculum and a strong case of White Privilege.


Are_we_sure ago

You like quoting things that never occurred. "hang by nooses"

And I really think, you don't understand what White Privilege is......you just think it sounds cool.

You also enjoy calling me naive, when your gullibility has you going 0-100mph on this new conspiracy you just this second learned about. Naive also means lacking informed judgement. And given that, look at this, this is not naive at all! https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2062747/10178177

DarkMath ago

AreWeSure you can't punt on this one:

1) Have you seen "Clinton Cash" yet and if not why not?

2) Why is Columbia Economics Professor Jeffrey Sachs wrong and you're right?

3) Why is Naomi Klein wrong and you're right?


GeorgeHodelDidit ago

Yeah we have seen enough....and we are sure...now we are just waiting for the mob to form....

DarkMath ago

"this new conspiracy you just this second learned about."

Not really. I've researched Soros's underhanded tactics quite a bit. In fact just yesterday we had a discussion about "Blood and Soil" which was a term Soros funded Nazis used during their successful effort to remove a Democratically elected government in Ukraine.

I've also seen the documentary "Clinton Cash" which outlines some of the extremely under handed tactics Killary & Co are more than willing to use to get their way. I have two questions for you AreWeSure:

1) Have you seen "Clinton Cash" yet and if not why not?

2) Why is Columbia Economics Professor Jeffrey Sachs wrong and you're right?


Sharipie ago

Can anyone please summarize this? No time today to go thru all this and it's not clear, or maybe I just need coffee🤔

Are_we_sure ago

It's also based on a fake conspiracy. The man arrested in Los Angeles, Joseph Moshe is not the Israeli scientist, Moshe Bar-Joseph. They are different people.

Guy arrested in LA. http://skepticproject.com/images/articles/people/joseph-moshe.jpg

Here's the Israeli plant scientist. http://skepticproject.com/images/articles/people/moshe-bar-joseph.jpg

The guy arrested in LA was unemployed and taking medication for his mental health issues. This reporting from the DAY of his standoff with police, by a Rendodo Beach newspaper

Westchester neighbors say standoff suspect needs meds for mental issues

A Westchester man suspected of making a threat against the White House poses no danger, but sometimes becomes loud and profane when he fails to take his medication for mental illness, his neighbors said today.

"The guy is harmless, but once he gets off his meds he is screaming profanity," said one neighbor.

Neighbors and his mother identified the man as Joe Moshe, 56. Moshe fled from U.S. Secret Service agents and Los Angeles police officers Thursday, leading a chase in a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle up the San Diego (405) Freeway.

He stopped near the Federal Building in Westwood and is engaged in a standoff with law enforcement officers.

Asked why her son might threaten the President Barack Obama, 90-year-old Julia Moshe said, "I don't know. He is a sick man. Depressed."

The standoff began shortly after 10 a.m., when police tried to stop Moshe near his home in the 8300 block of Creighton Avenue. Police have not publicly identified him.

Neighbors who did not want to be identified said Moshe "sounds like he could be dangerous," but he has never caused any significant trouble for them.

"He's got issues. He doesn't take his medication, he doesn't do that well," a neighbor said.

Moshe, who does not work, inherited the house when his father died. His mother lives in Beverly Hills.

What was he depressed about? His mother had recently gotten a restraining order against him and his violated it and didn't show up to court and an arrest warrant was issued for him.

Here's the story from the next day

Standoff suspect had been charged with elder abuse aganst mother

The Westchester man suspected of threatening to blow up the White House and engaging in an eight-hour standoff with police was already being prosecuted for allegedly terrorizing and abusing his mother.

Joseph Moshe, 56, was wanted in two misdemeanor cases charging him with trespassing, violating a restraining order and elder abuse, Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Mitch Fox said.

He was arrested Thursday after withstanding four blasts of tear gas into his car, where he sat for hours, refusing to come out. Special weapons team officers blasted Moshe with a Taser at the end of the ordeal and took him to jail.

His mother, Julia Moshe, told the Daily Breeze during the siege Thursday that her son was a sick man. She obtained a restraining order in recent months to keep him away from her, Fox said.

"She lives in fear of him," the prosecutor said.

In January, Moshe went to his mother's residence and refused to leave. She called police after three days, Fox said.

From March to June, Moshe made repeated calls to his mother, threatening her and making demands, Fox said. Many of the calls were recorded.

Moshe yells, screams and threatens his mother, the prosecutor said.

The charges do not involve assaults against her, but the elderly woman indicated that her son has been physical in the past, Fox said.

A judge issued a warrant for Moshe's arrest on July 29 when he failed to appear for proceedings at the Airport Courthouse.

Police said Moshe called 911 on Wednesday and threatened to blow up the White House.

DarkMath ago

"based on a fake conspiracy"

Really? The modus operandi of the Clinton Foundation is very well established: Disaster Capitalism.

In fact their M.O. was explained in a very well made documentary called "Clinton Cash".

1) Find a disaster.

2) Make money stealing 98% of the USAid relief money.

It's a sure thing. A well timed flu epidemic keeping people away from the polls would dove tail quite nicely with Killary & Co's M.O..

AreWeSure why haven't you watched Clinton Cash yet?


Are_we_sure ago

Yes. It's an incredible amount of work to write something incredibly stupid.

It's a lot of glitter thrown up in the air to distract you from the fact that they aren't even trying to support sentences like this. Just claiming it as a fact.

Through art smuggling, the Ukrainian kids end up in the hands the global elite, most notably the Geffen entertainment network in Hollywood, where Chris Cornell, Chester et al. Bryan Singer make appearances.

There's absolutely NO Manafort bombshell incoming regarding bioweapons. There is about moneyl-laundering and becoming business partners with high level ex-Soviet organized crime figures like Dmitry Firtash and Oleg Deripaska who "upper-echelon associates of Russian organized crime" as US prosecutors referred to them.

For example, this is the actual Manafort news this week

Paul Manafort Sought $850 Million Deal With Putin Ally and Alleged Gangster

Paul Manafort partnered on an $850 million New York real-estate deal with an ally of Vladimir Putin and a Ukrainian moneyman whom the Justice Department recently described as an “organized-crime member.”

That’s according a 2008 memo written by Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner and fellow alumnus of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In it, Gates enthused about finalizing with the financing necessary to acquire New York’s louche Drake Hotel. Two former federal prosecutors told The Daily Beast that the hotel deal was likely to be an item of focus for special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into ties between Trump associates and the Kremlin.

Some White House officials, who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity, are also wary. They feel Manafort may have made President Trump more legally vulnerable through his decades of business deals with foreign governments and shady Eastern European power brokers. Those deals, these White House aides suspect, led federal investigators down a money trail that threatens to plunge the Trump White House further into legal jeopardy.

Asked whether any Manafort deals seemed particularly troubling in retrospect, a senior administration official replied, “You mean like this one?” and appended a link to a 2016 story on Manafort’s alleged attempts to launder a Ukrainian oil and gas billionaire’s ill-gotten fortune through New York real estate—including the Drake.

The Justice Department is now seeking the extradition of that billionaire, Dmitry Firtash, so he can stand trial for a 2013 racketeering indictment in a Chicago federal court. Two weeks ago, in response to a legal filing from Firtash seeking dismissal of the case, the acting U.S. attorney in Chicago termed Firtash and a deputy as “two organized-crime members” and people “identified by United States law enforcement as two upper-echelon associates of Russian organized crime.” Years before the indictment, Firtash was a major moneyman for the Party of Regions in Ukraine, the pro-Kremlin political faction for which Manafort consulted.

Firtash’s alliance with Manafort to acquire the Drake has been reported before. But far less attention has gone to the involvement of another party: Oleg Deripaska, one of the wealthiest men in Russia—and a longtime Putin associate. In 2006, according to the Associated Press, Deripaska signed a $10 million annual contract with Manafort for what Manafort pitched as political and economic efforts inside the U.S. to “greatly benefit the Putin Government.” But Manafort was more than Deripaska’s political operative. They were business partners, as well. “When Paul met with Mr. D last month he told Paul to lock in the other financing elements and then come back to him for the final piece of investment,” Gates wrote to two longtime business associates of Deripaska, Anton Vishnevsky and Andrey Zagorskiy, on July 1, 2008. According to ex-prosecutors, a business relationship between a Kremlin-tied oligarch, an accused gangster and the manager of Donald Trump’s campaign is the sort of arrangement currently occupying Mueller’s time.

Dressage2 ago

I think it is time for Brock to give you a re-assignment. You seem like you are burned out. Maybe get on the soap box for Antifa's future rallies or perhaps, the White Supremacist group's new leftist formation alongside and part of Antifa.

Jem777 ago

Are_we_Sure. You have completely given up you work inside investigating agencies. It is so obvious.

DarkMath ago

"It's an incredible amount of work to write something incredibly stupid."

Don't I now it. It's an incredible amount of work to educate your dumb ass in the principles of the Scientific Method specifically rules regarding what evidence is and why it can't be dismissed to make your theory fit.


DarkMath ago

"Manafort and Yanukovych learn the truth. Swine Flu was just a front for a type of weapon"

And now we learn yet another reason Killary & Co are so desperate. I guess when Killary said they'd all hang from nooses she really meant it.


deep breath


cleansing breath



EDIT 1: Ok it just hit me after I came down off of one of the most intense schadenfreude highs I've ever felt. Are we in for another "Swine Flu" Epidemic?

I hope the fuck not because I didn't really think that Reign of Terror shit would happen in America but if these mother fuckers decide to pull another Swine Flu Epidemic like they did in Ukraine I'm fairly certain, no I'm 100% positive every member of the Council on Foreign Relations will be hunted down, disemboweled and their heads put on spikes. And if any CFR members are reading this you need to call off the dogs immediately and throw in the towel. And I mean immediately. Do not pass Go.

There was only one class of victim during the Reign of Terror and you don't want me to finish this sentence. If you were an Aristocrat or even a man of influence things were not good. Only the meek shall inherit the Earth. The thing was so fucking horrible they ended up killing the man who started it..

Holy fuck this is really bad. And I'm not being hyperbolic. This is really fucking bad.

Bee tee dubs FBI don't worry about me, I'm just the guy who says this is really bad. I'm a Christian now. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just a European History major from Brown who did his final term paper on Fascism and Hitler's REAL motivation for attacking Britain.

The problem is these dumbasses spent the past 30 years killing Christianity in America. And that could have a terrible cost for them. Just sayin'. Ever see the movie Seven?. Great move bee tee dubs. Ironic


Godwillwin ago

Who's bee tee dubs?

doubletake ago

they gave us AIDS, and there's tons of data to show they've been doing this in the US since the 60s. Maybe not to kill, but hell if you can make the public sick, cui bono for them to get well again. Africa is another story, a human testing playground for these monsters.

srayzie ago

I have seen people comment about you. Saying you have said horrible things and are a shill. I've never seen it and have always liked you and enjoy reading your comments. Now I see why you seem to have changed. You are a Christian now. 🙂 Awesome!

I've never seen Seven. I need to look into it.

DynamoDoesntLie ago

Srazie! If its correct in what your saying and your a firm believer of the Almighty Heavenly Father.

Why cant you see who @Swordfish69 really is!

69 = 66

Last edit time: 4 hours ago on 8/15/2017 12:12

2+1 =3 2+1=3 = 33


The same applies to you @DarkMath (coughs).

What do you think @redditsuckz @Nothern_Soul @carmencita @Jem777 @ESOTERICshade @quantokitty?

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge.

Go Fish Right!!!

srayzie ago

Wow, you're amazing 😂

DynamoDoesntLie ago

I'm to hot for you.

srayzie ago

Lol. Ooook 👍🏻

Northern_Soul ago


You gotta take your hat off to the magician though srayzie.

Its sooo flipin weird Swordfish would choose 12:12 to edit his post.

The world is a stage and where royally being played by FREEMASONS.

I'm done.

Dressage2 ago

You sit on the edge of your seat in that movie.

srayzie ago

Oh yay

Docta_pizza ago

Kind of aside form the topic of discussion, but what did your term paper argue was Hitler's real reason for attacking Britain? You made me curious :)

Dressage2 ago

Yes, inquiring minds want to know. Lol

DarkMath ago

Stay tuned.....

carmencita ago

I heard on the local news that they found some fleas infected with some plague that murdered many and I believe it has jumped to a couple of small animals. They said to keep your dogs and cats away from small animals and rodents. This was found in Az. So people that live there should be up in arms. Actually we all should be.

DarkMath ago

The Plague isn't what worries me. It's treatable with drugs and its spread is easily blocked with flee medicine and keeping clean.

The real problem is if some George Soros funded NGO developed some Influenza hybrid that keep people away from voting in an election. That's scary as fuck and maybe what they want to do in 2018. These people are psychotic.

Godwillwin ago

Shhhhh! don't give them any ideas

EyeOfHorus ago

In general I like your comments, so don't take this the wrong way, but you're a retard if you brush off any weaponized bio agents. I spoke with a now deceased bioengineer from the 50's- 60's. You'd run off and hide in Antartica if you knew what they had 60 years ago. Still not publicly released. His expertise was botulism, but he also assisted with anthrax. There were entire depts he was isolated from which focused on STD's.

He insinuated that the only reason "his creation" was not used was because it's use could not be limited. In other words "end times" and he was't very religious. That was cold war, korean and vietnam era.

How fucking naive are you to think genetic engineering and targeting hasn't usurped super strains when we publicly know bacteria was modified in the 70's?

DarkMath ago

"brush off any weaponized bio agents."

When did I do that? The cases of plague out in Arizona have happened pretty consistently since white people started keeping records. I'm not saying Soros & Co aren't above using the Plague. I'm just saying the examples out in Arizona aren't anything to worry about.

EyeOfHorus ago

Sorry if I over reacted.

DarkMath ago

No problem. This is scary shit. I read that shit about Ukraine first thing this morning and my blood pressure went through the roof.

Soros and David BetrayUs Patraus could both be the first lucky recipients of the Draw and Quarter since the 16 Century. That's what I'd give them if I was the judge at their sentencing. I'd do it without thinking twice. Congress would willingly pass a one time exception to the Cruel and Unusual Punishment clause.

And that's saying something. White people stopped getting Medieval on other peoples asses a long time ago.


srayzie ago

I think it's scary because the drugs they use to treat it could be some toxic population control drug. These people are nuts! These are the ones that say we need to give our children immunizations. You can't trust anything.

carmencita ago

Good news and I am glad to hear your answer. The second part is scary for sure. We should spread this news around starting next Jan. they should not be allowed to get away with this. They should be headed off at the pass.

EricKaliberhall ago

Yes, it's time for public hangings à la Nürnberg. This is fucking sick.

LightlyToasted ago

First the public trial, wherein the public can learn the FACTS of our kakistocracy.

swordfish69 ago

Bingo, why do you think the press still need to prove his guilt even when he's been raised.

Godwillwin ago

That's what I'm thinking. That raid was about this stuff. Not the election.

carmencita ago

You may definitely on to something there.