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Epstein and the Eugenecists video is definitely worth watching. It's an obvious and direct tie in with pizzagate. But who is Amazing Polly? I can't find anything about her except that she is Canadian. She's damn good.

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I also think she gets a lot of stuff from us. However she's good at presenting information for normies.

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letsdothis3.........I think amazing polly is a good researcher as well...........used to be way too partisan but seems to be into attracting a wider audience now..........have thought she might have inside contacts.

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have thought she might have inside contacts.

I think that's a possibility too.

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Already posted cloud seeding was more than what were told. Someone posted a video from the DOD showing a demonstration of destroying the God Gene (Pineal Gland) via chemtrails.

Among other things like 5G.


George Church is working with google and a bunch of other biotech firms to genetically edit mosquitoes that are released into the wild, breed with the natural mosquitoes and genetically alter future generations so they cannot breed.

they even describe it as "mosquito population control"

they've already been released in Florida and Fresno Ca

Rockefeller Instititue is again the coordinating institution, and have been testing them on their...


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The Truth has been Shared since The Beginning.

Who owns the patent for Zika?

Who owns the most advanced mosquito labs in the world?

Racine, Wisconsin is the Root of All Evil and the model for the real Agenda beyond 21 and 2030 of Eternal Enslavement forged through the Great Deception of Sustainability (Satan’s Ability) with the Mark of the Beast enforced by 5G+ AI, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities and Community Policing.

The weak link in the global chain of command is Rothschilds > Rockefellers > Johnsons (Racine, WIsconsin).

What is next door to Google in Chicago and why?

What happened to the past mayors of Racine? Who was brought in as the new mayor? Who contributed to his campaign?

Who are Linda Mason and Dr. Chris Mason? What is the Mason Lab?

Why have so many officials suddenly resigned in the area in recent years including Paul Ryan?

What was The Deal that Trump made for the 8th Wonder of the World and where was the official signing held?

We are the reason for the Tarmac meeting.

We are the reason why Paul Ryan resigned.

We are the reason the past mayors resigned.

We are the reason why Trump closed The Deal from the public.

We are the reason why Reddit Pizzagate was shut down.

We are the reason why others who Found The Truth were murdered.

What was the last submission made by Jenny Moore and what really happened to @Jem777 and @Wisconsin_is_Corrupt?

We are the reason why The False Prophet Q was created.

Who was the Anon before Q and what did they say about Racine, Wisconsin?

We are the reason why 8chan is being targeted, and why Q stopped posting on the public boards after a MAP was found.

We are the reason why Voat Pizzagate and Great Awakening were corrupted and manipulated.

What is The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know?

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.

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@TrustTheTruth, is the Pilgrims Society connected to the Sommerset 'club'?

TrustTheTruth ago

Yes and others.

We cannot share links any longer due to Voat’s rule changes.

Search Racine Somerset Club.

Remember that Racine was the original Chicago and world invention headquarters.

What was The Union Club and what did they fear the most?

What is the role of the Pilgrims Society and what were the first two Corporate Nations?

What is Unitarianism and how do you measure Sustainability (Satan’s Ability)?

What is The Truth they cannot allow the World to Know?

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.

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We Know more than everyone here combined.

Well spit it all out then.


look dude. clearly your approach isn't working.

I'm down for a socratic dialogue, but you overwhelm with questions, so I dont even know where to begin.


you again? what in my post triggered you? rockefeller u?

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Here's another idiotic idea: Researchers Turn Mosquitoes Into Flying Vaccinators - https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2010/03/researchers-turn-mosquitoes-flying-vaccinators


^this was either gates affiliated or rockefeller institute initiated as well.

They LOVVEEE to do transhumanism research under the guise of Pest Control/Vaccine research

They also compartmentalize the overall studies and funding amongst multiple totally unaffiliated orgs.

For example, the mechanism of Googles Mosquito program is they claim they aren't genetically modifying the mosquito, but infecting it with a naturally occurring bacteria found in other bugs that affect their reproduction (WOLBACHIA)

(I'm fairly certain they had to gm this wolbachia strain, but that's not my main point)

the presence of doxycycline in the environment kills the wolbachia infected mosquito and allows it to reproduce

The same year google does a trial run on these Mosquitoes in a dairy town in CA, the USDA begins randomly testing dairy cows in the same area and their milk for Doxycycline under the guise of consumer health.

really they needed that data to test the effectiveness of their mosquitoes,

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Don't have links but have read years ago that Plum Island off of NYC was infecting mosquitoes with Lymes disease.....which comes from ticks...so.....do know that US doctors were very hesitant for a long time to even diagnose it! Could be failing memory about the disease......but Plum Island had a melt down ....people were infected......US govt. was looking for another site for the lab...they were very interested in one in my home state of NC. At the head of a river which was very important for the state's water supply........the area in general was heavily populated and seemed like the last place good people would want to locate a bio weaponry lab. There was also another disease which came from tick bites.......forget the name of the bacteria but it caused a disease named relapse fever. A good friend had the symptoms but could not go to a doctor specializing in immuniology , sorry about the spelling.without a referral from a GP.... When she finally got to the specialist , he looked at the strange looking symptoms on her legs , went to his computer .......and I heard this with my own ears,stated, "It couldn't be relapse fever, because it keeps coming back." This particular tick born disease comes up from Mexico and South America. Our doctors are not familiar with it.......and of course, it doesn't get in the news because of political correctness. My son diagnosed the disease as he was taking microbiology at the time in nursing school. ......doctors had no idea.

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In 1906 the Italian scientist Cesare Serono founded the Istituto Farmalogico Serono S.p.A. in Rome...

The Vatican obtained control of the Istituto Farmalogico after Cesare Serono's death. Day-to-day management was in the hands of a man named Bertarelli who had worked his way up from financial comptroller to general manager. When Bertarelli died in 1965, the company's managers began turning to his son Fabio for advice. Three years later the board of directors invited the younger Bertarelli to take over the official management position.

Fabio Bertarelli had distanced himself from Serono as a young man. He fought in World War II with the Italian marines and was imprisoned by both the Germans and the Russians before escaping. After the war, he tried to work with his father at the institute but left shortly because of too much father-son conflict. He then gained some business experience selling glass and animal feed in Brazil, but by the early 1950s was back in Italy racing sailboats and only occasionally working at Serono. Once he was in charge of the company, however, his entrepreneurial flair blossomed. Bertarelli's flexible, responsive management transformed the small Istituto Farmalogico Serono into an internationally known company with a commanding presence in the infertility treatment niche. ...

Bertarelli's next success was to secure ownership of Serono. The notorious Italian investor Michele Sindona had gained control of the company in the late 1960s as the Vatican's shares somehow ended up with firms he owned. In the early 1970s, Bertarelli organized a syndicate of small investors to challenge Sindona's ownership. Sindona fled Italy in 1974 with warrants out for his arrest. His shares were dumped on the market and Bertarelli managed to gain control of about three quarters of Serono at a low price.

Michele Sindona https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michele_Sindona

Michele Sindona (May 8, 1920 – March 22, 1986) was an Italian banker and convicted felon. Known in banking circles as "The Shark", Sindona was a member of Propaganda Due (#0501),[1] a secret lodge of Italian Freemasonry, and had clear connections to the Sicilian Mafia. He was fatally poisoned in prison while serving a life sentence for the murder of lawyer Giorgio Ambrosoli.

..Within a year of the Gambino family's choosing him to manage their heroin profits, Sindona had bought his first bank. He also became a friend of future Pope Giovanni Battista Montini's; Montini was at the time Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Milan. By the time Montini became Pope Paul VI, Sindona had acquired, through his holding company Fasco, many more Italian banks, and his progress continued right up to the beginning of his association with the Vatican Bank in 1969. Huge amounts of money moved from Sindona's banks through the Vatican to Swiss banks, and he began speculating against major currencies on a large scale..

In 1972, Sindona purchased a controlling interest in Long Island's Franklin National Bank from Lawrence Tisch. He was hailed as "the saviour of the lira" and was named "Man of the Year" in January 1974 by the US ambassador to Italy, John Volpe. But that April, a sudden stock market crash led to what is known as Il Crack Sindona. ..

..According to the Mafia pentito Francesco Marino Mannoia, Sindona laundered the proceeds of heroin trafficking for the Bontade-Spatola-Inzerillo-Gambino network. The mafiosi were determined to get their money back and would play an important role in Sindona's attempt to save his banks.

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The strange story of a fertility drug made with the Pope’s blessing and gallons of nun urine

Piero Donini, a scientist working in the late 1940s for the Italian pharmaceutical company that would later be known as Serono, was the first to extract and purify FSH and LH, the hormones that stimulate ovulation. The hormones are found in women’s urine, which is why pregnancy tests can be conducted on urine samples. After experimenting with urine from pregnant women, Donini discovered the highest levels of the hormone actually were in post-menopausal women. After menopause, when ovaries stop producing eggs, FSH and LH shoot up as the body tries to stimulate their production.

Donini called his new substance Pergonal, after the Italian “per gonadi,” or “from the gonads,” and speculated that it could be used to treat infertility. But while Donini had a drug, he didn’t have a market or method of producing it. His paper announcing the discovery languished in obscurity, according to A Tale of Two Hormones, a 1996 book published by Serono about the drug.

It wasn’t until a decade later that scientists exploring infertility heard of Donini’s work, and he was contacted by Bruno Lunenfeld, a Vienna-born, Israeli-educated medical student working in Geneva who was researching the use of human hormones to stimulate pregnancy. Lunenfeld made the case to Serono’s executives for producing enough of the drug to run a clinical trial. One problem: the drug would require thousands of gallons of urine from menopausal women. The young Lunenfeld went before Serono’s board of directors to lobby for the drug. As he later told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

“I, just a kid, had to stand before the board of directors and ask them to help us find 400 menopausal women that would agree to collect their urine daily. I gave my lecture, they all applauded politely and then the chairman of the board got up and said: Very nice, but we are a drug factory not a urinal factory. I ran out crying.”

Lunenfeld, the son of a prominent Jewish family from Austria, said his interest in fertility was motivated in part by the need of Jews to replenish their population after the Holocaust. He was then introduced by a Serono executive to Giulio Pacelli, an Italian aristocrat and the nephew of Pope Pius XII. Pacelli, a Serono board member, took an interest in Lunenfeld’s work, and after additional meetings, returned with Lunenfeld to speak with the board of directors.

“Prince Pacelli gave exactly the same speech I had given 10 days earlier, but at the end he added one sentence: `My uncle, Pope Pius, has decided to help us and to ask the nuns in the old-age home to collect urine daily for a sacred cause.’ That, of course, convinced the board of directors immediately to help our research project with money and resources. I later discovered that the Vatican owned 25 percent of Serono.”

Soon, tanker trucks were hauling the pee of hundreds of nuns from Catholic retirement homes across Italy to Serono’s headquarters in Rome. It took about 10 nuns 10 days to produce enough urine for one treatment. While the urine of any post-menopausal women would work, nuns provided Serono with an extra advantage: Because hormones from pregnant women would contaminate the batch, it was critical there be no chance any of the women were pregnant. Working with nuns improved the odds.

In 1962, a woman treated by Lunenfeld with Pergonal in Tel Aviv gave birth to a baby girl, the first child born from the treatment. Within two years, another 20 pregnancies had been achieved with Pergonal, and by the mid-1980s, demand had grown so that Serono needed 30,000 liters a day to produce sufficient quantities of the drug. With shortages appearing, the company began to synthesize the hormones in labs and the resulting treatment, Gonal-f, was first approved in 1995. Serono was acquired in 2007 by Merck, which continues to produce the drug today.


Nun Shall Piss!