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Why is ARK and Kosovo key to unraveling pizzagate?

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There may be some good stuff from a while back here!!!


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This paste bin has good stuff about ARK too https://pastebin.com/P6Js7gXJ

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Giving this a "Potential Lead" flair swordfish. Great work.

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Always been a great admirer of your work, Swordfish. Fantastic post!

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What more could you ask for, this piece has verything, all of it in a nutshell, intrigue, mystery, official school and orphanage access to children, nobility, mk-ultra by the indoctrination of fanciful, imaginative religious systems (buddhism, tantric yoganism, reiki. holistic mumbojumbo) and especially intrigued by that piece that ARK schools are associated with the Dutroux affair. I'll tell you there isn't going to be an angle NOT covered before their war even gets off the ground.

Great thread. God Bless and God Speed...