Sackajahweeda ago

The dare i say TRANSFORMER of the gallery?!

ASolo ago

tag em n bag em SF69

Chisel away at em from the top, middle and bottom. Great work. Upvoat. Saved for reference.

DeathToMasonsASAP ago

This is pizzagate. Tavistock, Rothschilds, art gallery's, Freud.

DeathToMasonsASAP ago

Somebody downvoated this comment. Hahaha!....This place is shilly as hell.

MichaelClayton ago

tl;dr for now. But I remember reading on 4chan that there are doctors called The Visionaries that manage a group of artists by keeping them sedated and properly fucked up so they continue to create art that have occult meaning and are sell-able in the art market for laundering money. The artists he showed were catatonic.

YogSoggoth ago

8:15 in second link fire in my belly contains vivo Ninas on the poster. Quietly sounds like an ubsuquitious Rosemarie's child ha ha film without negative consequences. Alejandro Jodorowsky is someone I bring up time to time, to remind. Someone told me that if you want to do something illegal, just go to a place where it is legal. Not lawful, just legal. Great post as always, of course.

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he was born in Mclean, one of his addresses I look up on him was in some city that was really big in Art, he was in his early 20's at the time

when I tried looking up his Father, couldn't find anything in his earlier days but found that he has something to do with building pizza places

makes sense with a lot of his address, and where they were at

he worked at a place that the Politicians frequented and held fundraisers, that's where I think he met Brock

have to find that info, I know I have it somewhere

DeathToMasonsASAP ago

JA is a Rothschild. Family flunkee that made a name for himself by supplying them with what they want most, a pipleine of children. Everybody involved eventually does things in tandem with the CIA.

migratorypatterns ago

Always genius stuff.

UppadaVoat for you!

Blacksmith21 ago

Nice job pulling all of this together @swordfish69

Uptown Pizza is located (not a real pizza place) at the address of the Bath Fitters. It looks like Andrew Kline owns it. Did Voat ever track him down in detail?

Do you have a hypothesis? I think we all know the entire art world is corrupt and perverse. Art has always been traded as currency. Pedo art for rich pedophile big dollar museum donors. Makes sense. Sickening.

SchlongKeyhote ago

I think we all know the entire art world is corrupt and perverse. Art has always been traded as currency.

you'd really love to think so, but like so much you say that is ignorant bullshit.

art was once a serious profession in which the products could be objectively valued by their adherence to established techniques and artists studied under masters of established schools of style.:

it only became an easy laundering tool when Jews used their media monopolies to mainstream "modern art".

recognize any of these jews?

since jews are known the world over for financial manipulation AND bizarre, low taste in art and entertainment, it should be funny to hear your attempt to refute the fact that the entire art angle is 100% Jewish, as i exemplified here:

Blacksmith21 ago

Did you get that rat problem under control? So unsanitary.

SchlongKeyhote ago

that's your "tell" for getting utterly owned: inane "loser" jokes. i'd retort that when you play poker you probably leave without even the clothes you came in, but it's surely gay strip poker anyway

carmencita ago

Freud's wife has also been accused of pedophilia by a 16 yr. old boy. Lucien Freud is painting artwork on the Rothschild Wine Bottles. OK a wine bottles are small evidence but naming a child after someone? I think there are much more interesting connections with the Freuds and Rothschilds.

think- ago

Excellent post, @swordfish69!!

Wasn't Miriam Rothschild the lady that owned the Wellcome Trust archive with paintings/drawings by mental health patients who underwent art therapy?

@letsdothis1 @neptunium1

swordfish69 ago

Yes, and I have traced the collection back to multiple child abuse scandals, including one in Canada

think- ago

Would you have a link to that post, please? If you don't mind.

Vindicator ago

@swordfish69, what do you make of the Ted Gunderson investigation notes posted here a few days ago by @lovely1 showing that Mueller also suppressed the Finders investigation? Any thoughts?

Mueller also apparently gave an award in 2011.

FuckUredditFuckuSpez ago

People do things For various reasons... And People Turn, For various reasons. Good Guy or not. Muller is turned, And Is an asset to trump... For whatever reason. Dude, has been Involved With pretty much all of the major "Game Chang\ing" Fuckery in the last couple decades. 9/11, Iraq Invasion, Warrent less Survelience on american Citizens, Etc.. BUt for whatever the fuck reason, Dude Is Helping trump. Which makes him a good Guy at this very moment...

Remember, Trump has a time machine. No Rational person can rule at the notion that muller was strategically placed at all of the crucial events that have unfolded over the last 2 decades... FOR This very reason. To Aid in whatever ultimate Unevil Unveil** But unevil worked too. Trump has up his sleave.

Amazing Times to be Alive. God Bless america. And God bless President Trump.

swordfish69 ago

Gunderson notified Sessions too. I think either Trump forced them to complete the investigation or Mueller is a complete stooge for the establishment. Don't really trust him IMO.

DeathToMasonsASAP ago

You shouldn't trust any of them.

Truthseeker3000 ago

Peter Brandt the husband of model Stephanie Seymour is up to his eyeballs in this crap too.

Sackajahweeda ago

I guess this must make him not really mind her "close mother son relationship" then right?! BARF

Truthseeker3000 ago

I know. Tragic. Not one but BOTH sons turned out gay and one photographs his mother in provacative pics, same with his sister. The daughter, now a young teen, is basically being raised by a nanny and attends regular Kabbalah meetings. So tragic as she is such a lost little soul...

swordfish69 ago

Thanks, I'll look into it.

CheeseboogersGhost ago

Hmmmm what is this pattern I am detecting here?? Lets ask ol' @Blacksmith21

Quicktor ago

Yeah let's ask that son of a bitch...fucking putz...

Blacksmith21 ago

And both y'all can go fuck yourself. As you people like to say "anything can be a dildo, if you're brave enough". Both y'all seem like "brave" fellas.

Blacksmith21 ago

I see the pattern. It's obvious - @cheeseboogersghost and @quicktor are both moron shills.

CheeseboogersGhost ago

and here's a jew trying to gatekeep Pizzagate and hide the jewish pattern. JIDF

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CheeseboogersGhost ago

annnd here's his Israeli buddy

Oh_Well_ian ago

troll Rabbit, troll.

argosciv ago


~Patch Adams(Hunter Adams) defended The Finders cult. - Board of directors includes Eve Ensler, John Waters, Finders Cult defender Patch Adams and former NAACP chair.

[I have properly archived the link for "finders Cult defender"]:

The links provided have been DELIBERATELY cut-off and so had to be completed by guessing that the final word was "answer" or "answers"


I archived the brainsturbator homepage so that I could see what kind of site it is... looks like a smash-up job made for spreading disinfo: (archived 2 years ago)

Here is the article which is used as a 'source' for Patch Adams defending The Finders:

It makes claims that Patch Adams defended The Finders, but, the only source for the article content is as follows:

Another 'e-mail' with nothing at all to suggest that it is legitimate in any way shape or form.

derram ago :

Micheline Klagsbrun, Ken Grossinger - The New York Times :

Edward Adamson, 84, Therapist Who Used Art to Aid Mentally Ill - The New York Times :

Sir Clement Freud exposed as child abuser who had villa in resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared | National Post

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