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LeonoreRootes ago

Under the banner of the Confederacy, which was a Jew plot in any case ..

Jews invented the Confederacy like they invented the Ku Klux Klan, Hamas, Al Qaida, Communism, Nazism & ISIS.

As well Jews formulated the conquest of the Americas, the War of Independence and the US Civil War - Where after shameful defeat, and after the citizens of Richmond Virginia had requested the Confederates vacate their city..

Who in their angst set it afire on their way out, carpetbaggers flooded into the South to claim the inheritance of those who had been duped by Zionist disinformation and propaganda, into supporting a cause that was doomed from the beginning.

Let's do not forget the hangings that accompanied the establishment of the Confederacy, re forty suspected Unionists hanged at Gainesville Tx. in October 1862, and where others were shot "trying to escape."

Most were accused of treason or insurrection however few had actually conspired against the Confederacy, and many were innocent of the abolitionist sentiments for which they were tried.# - In other words they were "witch hunted!" Ed.

As for being "Suspected Unionists" many of the hanged men had told the secessionists they intended to abide by the just laws and Constitution of the United States, just as their forebears had been doing since 1776.

While many of the ones who responded to the rhetoric, which evoked passions more suited to football rivalries than political discourse, who raised no objections to the hangings, deserted the Confederacy in droves when war became a reality.

Re Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain who headed North when the irregular unit he had joined was to be absorbed into General Lee's Army, who finished the war piloting a Union riverboat.

Like carpetbaggers from Asia, the Indian sub continent, Russia and South America are flooding into the US to claim the inheritance of those Christian whites who have been slaughtered in Zionist sponsored abortion clinics, whereas survivors must live in ignorance following the destruction of the US Education system.

Jews did 911.