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CatfishOHanlon ago

This "five times daily" stuff has no legitimacy in Islam, despite the entire US Moslem congregation is made up of unbelievers in any case, else someone would have cast truth in accordance with the instruction in the Koran by now..

  In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful. 

  Remember your Lord within yourself without being apparent in speech,
  In the mornings and the evenings, and do not be among the heedless.      
  The Koran: Chapter 7, verse 205. 

The Koran which is the basis of Islam neither endorses public prayer nor the dreadful cacophony that occurs five times daily in nominally Moslem countries .. believers are instructed to "cast truth at falsehood"

   In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.
   Cast truth at falsehood.
   The Koran: Chapter 21, verse 18.

The Holocaust was an inside job, Adolf Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews - Jews and traitor Americans perped the 911 attacks, not Osama bin Laden and nineteen crazy Arabs .. abortion is genocide.

Martin Luther & Coretta King and Andy Warhol were in the firing party on the Grassy Knoll, when US President John Kennedy was shot from ambush in Dallas, Tx. Nov. 22, 1963 .. terror bombings world wide are the work of Zion and Israel.

Jews infiltrated German politics then perped the Holocaust in the name of the German ppl, like they infiltrated US politics perped 911 then established the bogus War on Terror, like they infiltrated Turkish politics then perpetrated the Armenian genocide.

The dearth of active response in the relevant countries, is because their leaders are selected and sponsored to office by Jews and the Jew owned media, who as Zionists are culpable to begin with.

False Moslems who fail to hurl truth are described elsewhere in the Koran as "lower than the beasts of the field," I just call 'em wogs.