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Personal life[edit]

Korine was born in Bolinas, California and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, to a Jewish family. He is the son of Eve and Sol Korine.[3] His father was a tapdancer and produced documentaries for PBS in the 1970s about an "array of colorful Southern characters"; he would take Korine to carnivals and circuses[4] and taught him how to use a Bolex camera.[5] As a child, Korine watched movies with his father, who rented Buster Keaton films and took him to see Even Dwarfs Started Small (1970) in the theater. Korine reminisces, "I knew there was a poetry in cinema that I had never seen before that was so powerful."[6][7] As a child, Korine changed his name from "Harmony" and went by "Harmful," as he thought it made him sound tougher when he got in fights.[8] Korine spent his childhood in Nashville, attending Hillsboro High School before moving to New York City to live with his grandmother.[1] Korine also spent some time living with his parents in a commune, which helped to inspire the commune setting of Mister Lonely.[9] As a teenager, Korine frequented revival theaters, watching classic films by John Cassavetes, Werner Herzog, Jean-Luc Godard, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and Alan Clarke. In an interview with Bruce LaBruce, Korine briefly mentioned that he studied Business Administration in college. Other sources[who?] state that he studied Dramatic Writing at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University for one semester before dropping out to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder.

Korine met Chloë Sevigny in Washington Square Park in New York City during her senior year of high school in 1993.[10][11] The two became close friends, which resulted in her being cast in the low-budget independent film Kids (1995).[12][13] They had a relationship that ended in the early 2000s. He is now married to actress Rachel (Simon) Korine, with whom he has one child, Lefty Bell Korine.

Raised in Jewish family from Nashville, Tennessee with a tapdancing father that would take him to carnivals and circuses? Oye.

No wonder this:

Harmony Korine on Letterman 1997

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No fucking way!! I went to Hillsboro High School!!!

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No shit. I found it quite odd that a Jewish person rose to such prominence in Hollywood coming from such a bumfuck part of the country.

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Yeah so bumfuck half of Hwood’s moved to it.

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No insult on you intended btw. However, the country-western genre of entertainment has really got this country in a mindfuck and has always been a hub of human trafficking.

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Mondrian South Beach, MOCA, and IAMSOUND present Harmony Korine's Caput at Sunset Lounge

Mondrian Sessions and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles hosted a special screening of CAPUT, a film by Harmony Korine starring James Franco where the underlying theme is a conflict between personal identity. Musical guests included IO Echo + DJ Henry Hopper & cocktails provided by Kanon Organic Vodka. ... ony-korine

The 10th edition of Art Basel Miami begins this Thursday. Mondrian Sessions and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles have partnered up for a special screening of  CAPUT, a film by Harmony Korine starring James Franco, this Thursday December 1st at Mondrian South Beach.

CAPUT will be presented in Rebel, a project by James Franco in collaboration with Douglas Gordon, Harmony Korine, Damon McCarthy, Paul McCarthy, Ed Ruscha and Aaron Young at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Spring 2012.

With musical guest IO Echo + DJ sets by Henry Hopper and IAMSOUND.

A limited edition newspaper zine will be distributed and an exhibition of photos taken on set by Harmony and Adarsha Benjamin (creative director) will be on display.

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Birds of one pedo feather flock together, Art Basel , the who's who of child trafficking.

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So fucking pretentious!! Everything bad about art in my opnion. that 'garbage look' was maybe cool 20 years ago

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RITA seems to have an interesting preoccupation with youth, faeries and butterflies.

Leopard print; Rita

When I Lost My Virginity by Rita


Rita Ackermann at KARMA

Chloe; Rita

Rita Ackermann

Dance of the Wild Hunt

Rita Ackermann is a Hungarian-born artist who moved to NYC in the 1990s. The early paintings that made her famous, including Should I call the Ambulance? (1994) above, featured overtly sexual “cyberpunk, cat-eyed nymphs,” and are rude, gritty and other-worldly all at the same time. With so many themes, it’s easy to see why the Whitney Bienniale literature called her an aesthetic “magpie.”

Fans of Ackermann’s art often link the pieces back to the grungy streets of New York City right after the tech bubble burst in the beginning of the 1990s. At this time, Ackermann had just immigrated to the city. The vividness of her scenes belies a sense of culture shock she must have been experiencing at the time.

In an interesting side note, Ackermann seems to espouse a sexually overt and grungy self-image much like the paintings she creates. Here are some excerpts from an interview in which Ackermann offers short, frank responses that hark back to her art in both form and content:

AM: What do you find most sexy? RA: My underwear

AM: What is your favorite walk? RA: Down dirt roads

AM: Where do you live? RA: Chinatown in New York (Author’s note: doesn’t get much grungier than that…)

While I like her use of colors, I just can’t get myself to love her work. I wonder if Ackermann’s success relies less on aesthetics and more on her ability to capture the zeitgeist of a NYC moment? If she had focused on the culture of a less artsy city – Chicago for example – would she be as respected? I guess only time will tell.

Career[edit] Ackermann has been featured in numerous museum and gallery exhibitions in the United States, Japan and Europe.[4][5][6][7]

Since the mid-1990s Ackermann has been adding to her knowledge of painting and her social comment. "from stained glass to the red ballpoint pen she’s applied to runway models’ faces in lieu of makeup. She has realized multiform shadow puppet theaters like The Deer Slayer (1997), performed as a band member of the art collaborative Angelblood, and curated exhibitions including The Perfect Man (2007) and The Kate Moss Show (2006, with Olivier Zahm)." [1]

"In both her drawings and collages Ackermann juxtaposes characters and narratives, as in Scorpionun (Man on My Breast/Man, Man between My Legs) (2006), which draws on the semiotics of fertility charms and pornography to create an Anthropomorphism like womanman- child. The superimposed images composing this life-size freestanding collage on plexiglass come from the artist’s own sketches—a row of her lithe women, wearing bowler hats and holding tennis rackets — as well as other sources, such as an illustration of the Madonna and Child positioned over the figure’s heart. As Scorpionun’s content suggests, Ackermann’s interest in constructions of gender and the fantasies that subtend and are sustained by them has survived her transformation of scale and material. Indeed, the oversize cruciform Nun/Skeleton/Cross (2006) and comparably large-scale Nun/Mother/Whore (2006) revolve around the bifurcated, simultaneously present identities of these objects of desire. The aggregation in these collages’ listlike titles is mirrored in the conspicuous overlay of their images: Ackermann does not negate tropes of womanhood but stages them as acts and processes of becoming to be set into dizzying and conflicting relief with and within one another. Few clear plots emerge despite her utilizations of fairy-tale themes, and irrespective of the ingratiatingly beautiful protagonists who inhabit them, neither are there storybook endings." [1]

Her work includes paintings, drawings, T-shirts, a line of underwear, and skateboard design.[7] Her paintings in the early and mid 1990s featured nymphetish girls.[8].

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Lemme guess... Dung_He_Ho's ho

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Don't forget Hillary as Secretary of State followed her husband's lead when POTUS. Create severe economic turmoil in a country with Soros' expertise and repeated experience.

Recruit pharmaceutical companies to do mass drug testing, as there will be many unemployed of all ages desperate for extra cash. Victims will not have the resources to sue if they get seriously ill and die as a result of the medical tests. Courts would be beyond bogged down anyway. Lawyers and judges are generally the 1st to leave an suddenly financially unstable country.

Introduction of illegal recreational and partydrugs to speed up the process of working people's destruction will then flourish, at a profit to favored traffickers, when there's sudden, massive economic despair. So will guns and weapons for protection against roving gangs of violent criminals.

Snap up the resulting orphans abandoned to care homes, and the babies of mothers now incapable of supporting themselves. Many desperate women will now be turning to prostitution creating a new supply of aborted babies for sale. All of the above can be used in the organ trade, or if pleasing enough, international sales of flesh.

Modern art sales to the countries remaining elite/leaders in power, or promises of film deals to document the end of their authority and their ongoing bravery, or music deals creating songs to temporarily calm the working classes, will buy silence.

Countries needlessly torn apart and devoured for the benefit of a few in the above manner now include those battling Putin for hegemony control and the members of the former USSR and satellite countries. Note what's been happening in the Ukraine since Soros involvement. Also that a major Hollywood star is now married to the lawyer that backed/defended one party in the fracas.

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Yes, I remember over a year ago someone posted about the shipping channel that bypass airport security. I believe it was FBIanon.

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This is probably too off topic here but as an aside, in the movie Snowden, there is a scene where Snowden asks another CIA guy about how the pizza is here (upon arriving at his new job in Hawaii).

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SHIT YES. I watched that movie for the first time the other day. I jumped when he said that. Couldn’t believe what I was hearing in a way. They are so obvious.

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I wonder if Snowden ever really said that or if the hollywood perps put that in there to cause doubt and suspicion in people's minds in the future.

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Just a reminder that Diana Jenkins and Sean Penn operated a Haiti earthquake relief organization. They were "camp managers" overseeing the coordination of multiple non-governmental aid organizations.

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So does super creepy Paul Haggis have a charity in Haiti. Super creep. can I say it enough? Scumbag lying cheat ripoff artist Paul Haggis

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Kimberley Fritts, the Podesta Group’s longtime chief executive, has launched a new lobbying shop, she said on Thursday.“Cogent Strategies will bring together an incomparable group of strategists who will continue grow and innovate to enhance advocacy efforts,”.... One to watch out for.

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nice work :)

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It gets even weirder:

Why were SB (James Franco) and the A+ lister (DG) so close? At some point back in time, SB and a family member hooked up with the A+ lister. He helped them and they helped him. SB is close to a director, an A list indie type director not named Bryan Singer. Think darker and more gritty films. He is someone who has always taken deep dives into underage sex and using that as his rationalization, has sex with underage teens constantly. Ask his current significant other actress how old she was when they started hooking up. She was very much underage, and helped him find underage teens for his "projects."

-A list indie director - Harmony Korine (SB = Spring Breakers)

Harmony Korine

with 'wife'- photograph by Terry Richardson

Rachel Korine


-Wrote and directed "Kids", a Weinstein/Miramax distribution.

there's so much more...

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Podesta Group may close by the end of the year: report | TheHill

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